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Do you sometimes think that things can't go on like this?

  • Are you dissatisfied with your life?​

  • Is every day stressful?

  • Are you just functioning?

  • Is your job/partner bothering you?

  • You ask yourself, is that it?​

Carina Schulde

Come to me before things really burn!

I'll show you the way.

This is what you get from me

I'll tell you about the connection with my soul.the

current call of your soul andwhat changes inyour lifeemergency--are agile.

This is what you get from it

  • If you follow the call of your soul, you will save yourself time-consuming wrong paths and painful disappointments.

  • You protect yourself from the fate you sufferand sgive yourself the gift of fate that really brings you salvation.

When destiny calls

Life often calls us, but we don't hear it. Don't we want to hear it?

Maybe because we have just made ourselves so comfortable in our world. It's running. Not exactly perfect, but pretty okay. Life is predictable, the daily routine goes on, the main thing is that fate doesn't come knocking.


And if so, what then?

Then the shock is great. The pain worse. We swear, scream, accuse. How unfair is life! Why me?


Yes why?

Destiny means skillful healing. We all usually want to avoid our destiny and go through our daily routine. Change isn't exactly our hobby.


What does our soul say about this? 

Our soul is constantly speaking to us. With her quiet, fine voice. She wants us to (sensibly) change processes we love. However, she doesn't force herself on us, she's mostly reserved. On the other hand, our worldly thoughts, desires and fears make a lot of noise.  And so we often do not perceive the tender calls of our soul. At some point our soul has no choice but to accelerate laterally, that means we to send fate. So that brings us to it forced, to change something in our lives.

Imagine: Youhear on the call of your soul.And change processes you love (makes sense),before fate calls on you to do this.Then you will save yourself time-consuming wrong steps and painful disappointments. You give yourself the gift of fate that really brings you salvation.  

Jump onto your train

Jump onto your lane

The call of your soul is comparable with a train that your soul sent off. At some point the train will pass you. Then all you need is some courage to jump up and follow your call.

Of course this only works if you know your call. Otherwise the train will pass you. Without you noticing them. 

Listen to your call. Now take the next step.

Would you like to get to know me first? Arrange here your free introductory conversation.

How do I work?

With the help of my gift, I ask your soul about the current call of your soul. 

I do not use any learned knowledge, tools, methods or techniques. My work is based on my own life experience and the authentic gift of my soul. 

How does this work for me?

The consultation takes place by telephone. You book an appointment with me by sending me an appointment request via email / phone / WhatsApp / Telegram. The best thing to do is to write when you generally have time or to suggest three different dates.

Carina Schulde

I will then call* you at the agreed appointment. We will briefly discuss your concerns, e.g. whether you would like to experience the call of your soul in general or with regard to a specific life issue. For example, it could be a life topic in the areas of partnership, career or personal development. Maybe you also have another topic where you don't know what your next step is or where you feel the need for change.


Then I go into silence by withdrawing for about 15 minutes and connecting with your soul during this time (you stay on the phone for that time).  After about 15 minutes I come back with the relevant information.

*Only in Germany. From abroad via WhatsApp or Telegram.

Would you like to get to know me first? Then agree here your free introductory consultation.

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