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Claudia Seitzinger, office in heaven

... You knew absolutely nothing about me and didn't want to know anything. So I was very excited to see which call of my soul I could follow. The three pictures that you then described to me fit exactly the path that I can now take.  This actually blew me away...

Susanne Fabijenna

Thank you very much for the sensitive and very informative explanation of my soul star, dear Carina! I felt very comfortable with you and recognized myself many times. You explained everything very well and gave me some helpful tips. The most valuable thing for me was probably the realization that I am already well on my way to mastering the challenges and realizing my soul goals. 100% recommendation! With gratitude, Susanne Fabijenna

Susanne Wittmann, Coburg

I had the star of my soul plan explained to me by Carina at Easter and it was an all-round harmonious and impressive experience for me that I can only recommend to everyone.
In all respects, Carina created the atmosphere for discussion that the topic requires. I found her manner so pleasant and inspiring that I will definitely use her again as a contact person.
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, dear Carina!


...On the one hand, you described very well in pictures what was going on for me at the moment and then you also showed me good ways to solve the mess...


Thank you for the messages and clear, detailed images. I'm still very excited and let everything take effect.  Many greetings from Cologne


 ... I will now take the opportunity and jump on the train as soon as I see the train here, gather all my courage, go and get through;))) Otherwise I would probably have waved rather than stopping the train. Great support from you and a wonderful gift.


When I called you, I had the feeling that my career couldn't continue like this.


You took me through the connection sensitively and clearly and, in response to my questions, showed me a common thread that is actually important to me and points to an ability of mine and a path that could now be continued/returned. 

Thank you very much for your wonderful gift and the warmth and life experience that you bring as a human being! You gave me courage and strengthened my confidence that things can continue well.


Dear Carina, I would like to give you feedback on your wonderful work!!!
Every morning at 4:30 a.m. I sit in the darkness and am with myself. There's a - it feels like a wave - I just think energy is spinning inside me.
That is wonderful! This is exactly how I have the strength, the energy, the desire to go about my day!
Thank you very much, Katharina

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