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Discover your soul plan

Find the true meaning of your life

Are you still suffering or are you already alive?

  • You always have the same or similar challenges.

  • You wish life was easier.

  • Your job annoys you and you are looking for new direction.

  • You want clarity about your potential and goals - as a basis for a fulfilled life.

  • You wonder what the true meaning of your life is.

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You deserve to be happy!

Now take the next step and find out your soul plan:

What is the soul plan anyway?

Our soul plan is created before we are born. Before our soul sets out on the adventure expedition “Life on Earth”, it has thought about what it would like to experience here. The catch:

As we began our journey into the world, our memory played tricks on us. We have forgotten most of our soul plan. 

This is where the Soul Plan system comes into play. The method was developed by Frank Alper and Blue Marsden and is based on the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation) and “spiritual numerology”. It reveals to us humans what our purpose is and why we are here in the world.

Our soul plan is derived from the sound vibration of our full birth name. Our birth name is our identification, our first separation from unity and therefore the key to our energies and characteristics. Every letter has a sound and therefore a vibration. The arrangement of the letters in our name is a very individual energy signature with which we go through life.

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What can you read from your soul plan?

Your soul plan contains information about

  • your talents

  • your challenges

  • your goals

  • and your purpose in life.

Your talents


Your talents describe your natural Skills that come easy to you. vmany people

are not even aware of their talents because they are so sare self-evident for them. You think what I What is easy for yourself is also easy for everyone else.

As soon as you recognize your talents and consciously If you use it, it will be easier for you to achieve your goals and to have it easier in life.


Your challenges

Your challenges are those where you have blockages and often put obstacles in your own way. When you think, why is this easy for everyone else, why can't I? This is not a punishment, but an invitation for your soul to grow and develop.

To do this, you need to come to terms with yourself and learn to turn your weaknesses into strengths. You will endure the challenge for so longpractice until you have mastered them. The motivating thing is that once you work through the challenge, the former challenges can become your greatest talents. 

Your goals

The goals give the general direction in which you should go.  This contains information about what you should realize and bring into the world, but also pitfalls that you need to watch out for.

Your soul purpose

The purpose of the soul represents oneessential aspect that points to your highest potential and your overall goal. She is who you are on a deeper level. It points to your true essence, your truebeings there.


This aspect becomes even more powerful the more you face your challenges and use the energies of your talents and goals. 

Star of Creation

We can make the information from our soul plan visible in the “Star of Creation”. This consists of two triangles:

The triangle with the point facing down represents our earthly aspects. These affect the first half of our lives and play the main role until around the age of 35. It's about how we are in the family, at school, at work, in relationships.

The triangle with the point pointing up represents our spiritual aspects. These play an increasingly important role in the second half of life. When we start asking ourselves, who am I, what do I want and where do I want to go?

What information is not available in your soul plan?


  • Who is the right partner for you, when you will meet them and where you will find them.

  • Whether children are planned for you or whether and when you will have children.

  • What exactly is the job you should pursue?

  • A point-by-point guide that you can follow for a fulfilled life.

  • A future forecast.


When you know your soul plan, you begin to understand

  • Why you are the way you are.

  • Why some things happened the way they did in your life.

  • You begin to see challenges as opportunities.

  • You can align your life with your soul plan and

  • stop fighting against Wito fight against pressures.

  • You stop wasting time and taking detours.

  • You treat yourself with more understanding and acceptance.

Are you interested but would like to find out more first? Then come to one of my online live lectures.

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