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Missed partnership

Which partnership model really suits you?

  • Are you still looking or are you still looking even though you have already found it??​


  • Do you long for a different /new Type of partnership, but don't know which one is the right one

      is for you?


  • Are you single and want a lively partnership?​​​​


Ask your soul about your ideal partnership model.

With the help of my gift, I will tell you your ideal partnership and accompany you on the way there.

With me you will experience a partnership that does not correspond to the norm -

but to your soul.

What is it about?

The classic idea of partners who anticipate all of our longings and fulfill them optimally, finding someone who will make us happy forever and ever, with the "all-round carefree package" from building a house to having children to planting trees and "rejoicing" until the end our days...

Welcome to reality - rethink your dogmas, your learned perspectives, how something “should” be. Beyond these "rules" lies a whole ocean of alternatives - your soul knows the way, you just have to ask.

Do you want to continue being normal - and thereby miss out on your ideal partnership?

Or question your soul.

And let it give you a harmonious partnership model that is on your soul's path.

A Lovestory


 “The river flows past a tree and says hello, feeds the tree, gives it water... and keeps moving, keeps dancing. He doesn't cling to the tree.


And the tree doesn't say, "Where are you going?" We're married after all! And before you can leave me, you need a divorce - at least a separation!"

He does not say "Where are you going? And if you wanted to leave me again, why did you dance with me so wonderfully? Then why did you feed me in the first place?” No, the tree rains its blossoms onto the river with deep gratitude, and the river moves on.


The wind comes and dances around the tree and keeps moving. And the tree gives the wind its scent.


[...] If humanity ever grows up, becomes mature, this will be its form of love: people meeting, sharing, moving forward, not possessive, not dominating. Otherwise love becomes a power game.”


Excerpt from “Intimacy” - Osho                                                                          now book here 


How do I work?

With the help of my gift, I ask your soul about your ideal partnership model.If you wish, I will accompany you on the way there and during it.


I do not use any learned knowledge, tools, methods or techniques. My work is based on my own life experience and the experience of many people with various partnership models and, in particular, on the authentic gift of my soul. 

Would you like to get to know me first? Then agree here your free introductory conversation.

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